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Numerous new and innovative innovations in the area of information technology have emerged as a result of the internet's incredible expansion. As one of the IoT firms in Dubai, Fatheen Technologies has always been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology. We help to link everything to the internet. If the most cutting-edge IoT solution is what you need, welcome to Fatheen Technologies. We offer you the Nowistic IOT technology, which is centered on practical concepts.





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Our R&D crew is prepared with their backpacks and will come to your site to provide you with advice on how to innovate your business's processes. We deal with a wide range of clients who have specialized knowledge in their sectors, whether they are in the farming, industry, or healthcare industries. Every industry strives to improve the quality of human existence, and our objective is to lend our experience to further improve it. Contact us right away to discuss how we can put IOT into practise for your company right away. IOT solutions that are not in the future but now.


We create simple and complex apps using a wide variety of sensing devices allowing our customers to link their objects to the system. This enables them to exert more control over the end-to-end system's processes and timetables. We are the best IOT solutions in Dubai since our team responds to problems faster than any panicked customer may phone the hotline.

Data Analytics and Storage

By obtaining data from recently linked devices and systems that enhance processes, provide in-depth company insights, and spur innovation, you can find profitability. Our cutting-edge analytics tools and metrics assist customers in making the best decisions possible that are supported by solid data.

The Simple and Secure IOT Development Procedure We Follow

We are supported by Internet of Things (IOT) integrators who are qualified, experienced, and driven to provide comprehensive IOT solutions in Dubai. We use a tried-and-true method for creating IOT systems.

Our IOT solutions are offered at best affordable rates in Dubai

If you're interested in automating your firm, whatever your needs may be. We promise to offer cost-effective IOT solutions. In order to provide you with the greatest and most affordable IOT solutions that will not only streamline your organization but also aid in your phenomenal growth in the digital age, our staff will attentively listen to your unique demands and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet of Things is a technology that unites the digital world by changing how people and machines interact with one another on the user interface. The Internet of Things has now entered the field of web development and increases user interaction with websites. And establish a clever and important position in the field of development.

The network of physical items, or "things," that are implanted with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of communicating and exchanging data with other devices and systems through the internet is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Even employing browsers, some of these gadgets allow users to conduct web searches. Amazon's Echo, which has Alexa as a virtual assistant, is one such. Therefore, web development and design are crucial components of every IoT project.

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects the virtual and physical worlds. Machines and smart devices are interconnected with one another and the Internet. With the use of sensors, they gather data about their immediate surroundings, analyse it, link it, and make it accessible in a network.

By 2025, there will be 22 billion linked devices worldwide. Industries like manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, media/advertising, retail, water and waste management, power distribution, etc. can all benefit from the deployment of IoT technology..