Our IoT Development Services UAE

As houses, buildings, workplaces, and even the entire city start to connect to one another, information access to the network becomes ever more comprehensive, enabling a seamless virtual reality that is only achievable with high connectivity. In order to enable quicker and more effective service delivery, machines are becoming smarter. We assist you in developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the UAE that combine various data streams to produce prospective software products and new opportunities. We view security as a crucial component of IoT hardware design and app development as a trustworthy IoT app development partner.

Embedded IOT Software Development

In order to link smart devices with IoT infrastructure, gather sensor data, transmit it to the cloud, and do data analysis on a device in edge and fog computing deployments, Fatheen creates firmware and embedded systems. Our knowledge ranges from:

  • Programming for DSP and microcontrollers.
  • Apps for equipment, UAVs, and smart homes with motor control.
  • ETL and middleware solutions for M2M and the integration of sensor data.
  • Cloud Bridge construction.

  • BSPs for embedded and real-time OSs.

  • development and support of AOSP

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IoT Digital Transformation

We'll make sure the appropriate strategy and roadmap are established for your IoT vision using our IoT digital transformation framework and IoT monetization maturity models. We take into account the vision and concerns of the stakeholders, market trends, business value, and traction from a strategic, tactical, and operational standpoint. As part of the IoT implementation, the organization is also given access to an enterprise blueprint.

Our Industry Specific IoT Use-cases


We create IoT-enabled solutions for the logistics sector that enable real-time fleet management and higher levels of transportation efficiency.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

We create IoT-enabled apps for the healthcare industry that enable remote monitoring, improve patient care, and collect vital signs via IoT devices.

Smart Home & Workplace

Fatheen offers development services for smart workplaces and homes, which are revolutionizing how we live.

Why Choose Fatheen Technologies?

To secure the maximum ROI, we guarantee high-performance delivery and deployment of our IoT application.

  • 360-Degree solutions.   
  • Effortless internal development.   
  • Established techniques.   
  • Solutions for enterprise applications.