School Management App Development – A Complete Solution for Schools

You may build a comprehensive school administration app with Fatheen Technologies to handle and coordinate changes between students and teachers. Management can interact with instructors and parents to deliver information and keep them updated on their daily activities with the help of the mobile app.

Today, many educational institutions see the value in developing a mobile app for school management. In the world of school administration, a lot of things do happen. As a result, the management finds it difficult to plan, coordinate, and manage these events using a mobile app.

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School App for Parents

Using a school app, parents may maintain tabs on the daily activities of their kids. The school app is pretty convenient and makes it simple to get updates so you can stay informed and know everything about the institution.

  • Daily Calendar
  • View Exam & Result
  • Events Notification
  • Connect with Teacher
  • View homework & Assignment

School App for Teachers

Through the school app, teachers can keep parents informed of the everyday activities of their classes. Using a school app, instructors and parents can interact and learn about the daily tasks of the kids.

  • Manage Student's Activities
  • Update Homework and Assignment
  • Update Exam Results
  • Update Attendance
  • Receive Management Notification
  • Connect with Parents

Admin Panel for Schools

Institutions can oversee the entire process with the aid of a management site. The portal assists in managing the tasks of teachers and students as well as providing update notifications. Our system was created using the most recent technology, and user data is securely stored.

  • Manage Teachers & Students
  • Update News & Events
  • Manage Payment Integration