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Real-Time Dashboard

The receptionists have a tough and time-consuming job keeping up with the manual logbooks and guest entries. It takes a long time, and sometimes your guests may become impatient while they wait. Businesses must quickly and smoothly welcome customers in the ever-changing globe.

  • Dashboard makes it simple to keep track of who is present because it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.
  • Live updates on your visitors are provided through the built-in analytics dashboard.
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Unlimited Guest Check-in

Multiple guests can be handled by Fatheen without difficulty or confusion. You can archive documentation with Fatheen. With our contactless system based on QR codes, your visitors can easily check-in and check-out. You can also request NDA signatures from your guests. You can notify the concerned person when their visits arrive by using badge printing.

  • Make your front desk the busiest spot in your office by streamlining guest check-in using Fatheen.

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You can make pre-invitations for your guests, complete with meeting information, and send them to them by SMS and email. The invite notification includes a code that the visitor receives via SMS and a QR code that they can use to quickly sign in.

  • The status can be updated if visitors accept or decline the invitation. A pre-invited visitor can quickly check in without a phone by using a QR code and Fatheen.

Host Notifications

When visitors come, Fatheen immediately tells your staff members. Email and SMS can both be used to send notifications (text message). It conveys information about the meeting to the host.

  • Employees may be easily located wherever they are thanks to Fatheen. Select whether to notify hosts via push notifications, SMS, or email.
  • Push notifications with visitor photographs and sign-in information can be sent using the Fatheen visitor PASS.