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From one simple, user-friendly control panel, you can easily administer one or more domains.

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Use a personalized email address with a professional appearance, such as, and we'll route your correspondence to your personal inbox.

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Want to handle numerous domains more easily? By using domain forwarding, you may effortlessly send website visitors from any URL to a different one of your choosing.

10 Tips to Pick a Great Domain Name


Less can be more.

Longer names might be difficult to spell and can be confusing, therefore short, snappy domains are preferable. Try to utilise no more than 3 or 4 words, totaling no more than 15 characters (or fewer).


For SEO, use keywords.

Using keywords that are associated with your goods or services could improve your search engine rating and serve to remind visitors of what your company is all about.


Utilize your brand.

It makes sense and is easy to build your domain name around your company name. It might improve your reputation and make you simpler to find online.


Think local.

Your domain might need to change if your company is local. A clear strategy to promote your service area is to include your city or region in your domain name. This can make you more noticeable in the search results.


Keep it authentic.

Use of trademarks from other brands is prohibited. Not only may this cause confusion among users, but you might also be subject to legal action or forced to alter your domain name.


Concentrate domain indicates that you are focused on the UAE, is the best option for international branding. Why not register in order to safeguard your online identity and deter copycats?


Reduce confusion.

Abbreviations, numbers, and hyphens can all confuse potential customers and reduce traffic. Choose a straightforward domain that is written exactly as it sounds to reduce confusion.


Think about different TLDs.

Although we domains, many of the great ones have already been taken. Alternative top-level domains (TLDs) provide a wide range of alternatives,,.biz, among many others.


Cover every possible ground.

If you must use hyphens or digits, you might want to register alternate spellings as well. For instance, and, or and


Break the rules!

Although it is never a good idea to use another person's trademark, most of the other "rules" are really more like guidelines. Therefore, be ready to be adaptable and keep in mind that your ideal domain certainly won't meet all of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of locating a website address (such as or and registering to use it is known as domain name registration. Although you don't officially own the domain, once you register it, it is all yours as long as you keep up with the annual registration price.

Having a domain name places your company in the same online market as your biggest rivals and instantly lends it legitimacy. It conveys a sense of seriousness and makes you appear more professional to internet customers and shoppers. It also makes you easier to find online.

Except if you work in the computer industry or are launching a business there,.com is by far the most common domain extension. Because it is the most recognisable and accessible brand, it is typically the most popular option for a business domain name.

The equivalent of a contact in your phone is a domain name. You enter a domain name into your browser rather than a long string of numbers (the IP address). Compared to an IP address, that domain name is lot more approachable and simpler to remember. Each domain name is associated with a different IP address.

When you register a domain, you take on the role of the domain's owner (or registrant) for a predetermined amount of time. As the registrant, you may now make an authoritative record that reveals the nameservers for your domain to the world.