What we offer in web redesign services in Dubai, UAE

Our web designers at Fatheen Technologies, one of the leading website redesign firms in Dubai, bring with them years of expertise, practical exposure, and in-depth knowledge of website makeover. Your website receives a comprehensive makeover from our web designers, who also improve its usability and functionality. We remodel your website's appearance, appeal, and general performance by combining aesthetically pleasing design components, cross-browser compatibility, and the most recent SEO updates.
We pledge to give your website better performance, increased responsiveness, and better search engine rankings. Additionally, we'll make sure that your website loads quickly and turns more passive visitors into active ones. Our talented designers will also revamp your website to better reflect your brand identity and realise the full potential of your company. With over two decades experience in the area, our process included significant user research, strategic insight and an experience-driven design to produce a website that engages users and provides commercial results

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Features of website redesign process

Our process, which has been refined and proven for almost two decades, combines rigorous user research, strategic insight, and experience-driven design to produce websites that captivate people and generate revenue.

Ecommerce website redesign

If the sales number from your e-commerce website falls short of your expectations, what should you do? Don't worry; we have experience redesigning e-commerce websites to precisely match your company's needs. We are experts at implementing structural and technical improvements to a website to increase its visibility, appeal, and usability for businesses.

Redesign for lead generation

A website that first and foremost has great online exposure and secondly can pique users' interests can help you generate online leads. We rebuild websites with functionality like a Click-to-Call button, contact forms, downloads, etc. to make them more conducive to lead generation.

Redesign to improve look & feel

Although search engine optimization drives traffic to your website, the user experience and interface are what keep visitors on the page. With our tailored solutions, we completely revamp your website, make it more aesthetically pleasing, and make sure that your visitors turn into real leads.

Increase ROI (return on investment)

We use a systematic strategy when redesigning websites in order to maximise return on investment (ROI). This process involves generating traffic, analysing that traffic, improving the website, and boosting conversions. We transform subpar websites into polished, high-ROI websites using a suite of cutting-edge online tools.