Email Hosting Services UAE


With Google certified engineers at your beck and call, GSuite Partners in the UAE will give you the best assistance possible. You may easily access email solutions for your email-based communications, from 30 GB plans to unlimited plans.

Office 365

With an internal Microsoft Support team and as a Microsoft Partner in the UAE, Fatheen Technologies is able to provide you the various email hosting plans made available by the Microsoft Team. With this subscription package, you will have access to all Office-based programmes, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Beneficial for those who are just beginning their corporate ventures. Shared Email Hosting is a low-cost email hosting service that can aid clients in beginning their email communications. We can assign different user mailbox sizes based on the budget.


This kind of email hosting combines Zimbra with additional hosting companies like Office 365 or Gsuite. For clients who wish to save money on users who don't need premium mail boxes, this is especially helpful. You have the option to assign each of your users with a different email hosting provider.


You can choose from a variety of dedicated email solutions that can be personalised using Zimbra-based email hosting. We can incorporate a variety of mail box sizes for each user, ranging from 1GB to 50GB. frequently used by customers who desire a simple interface and the ability to change their email hosting packages

Penta Mails

Fatheen Technologies, which offers you quality cloud-based services with cutting-edge spam protection, is the provider of this email hosting service. We can provide you options that are personalised to your budget and your interests.

Dedicated Email Hosting Services UAE

First of all, all devices are compatible with our email hosting services. Our main brands that are compatible with POP3 and IMAP protocols are iPhone, Android, Windows phone, iPad, tabs, Macs, and laptops. One of the top permitted email hosting service providers in the UAE is Fatheen Technologies. Additionally, we have connections with resellers in Dubai who offer a wide range of software and Email Hosting services. Additionally, our packages include a range of email hosting services designed exclusively for email accounts with one or more purposes.

Custom Email Hosting Services in UAE

With decades of experience, Fatheen Technologies has developed a solid reputation for providing business email hosting services in Dubai. You may host your online emails without problem using our hosting, which also offers top-notch customer care. High-performance email servers from Fatheen are fully redundant and maintain a lot of data backup. Our email servers have fantastic spam and malware filtering that is at the cutting edge. Therefore, you won't have to worry about spam or other security issues thanks to the Fatheen's site and email hosting services. All types of company enterprises, whether small or medium-sized, can use our selection of email hosting services. For their own convenience, the bulk of business clients used email hosting services. For their employees and clients, the majority of businesses only offer personalised business email addresses. This improves the company's professional demeanour. Your emails will be managed by our experienced hosting provider because email hosting is more specialised and narrowly focused. This specialises in Email Hosting; security measures etc to protect your business. Anti-spam filters prevent malware from invading your email account online. Through an internet connection, this could occasionally jeopardise your information. The central hub that coordinates your internal and external business benefits is business email hosting. When customers contact you via your specific company email ID, Fatheen Technologies email hosting Dubai offers extraordinary plan reflects a professional attitude to the clientele. These are just a few of the advantages that make the investment in such a grand plan worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Web or Internet hosting company that offers email hosting also rents and manages email servers. A premium service, email hosting services are different from the normal free webmail providers like Yahoo and Google

Email hosting is a type of web hosting service with servers solely for your email and any files that go with it. Email sent to the domain address of your website is transmitted across the Internet and kept on the receiver server.

Email clients and webmail are the two primary categories of email service providers. Let's quickly look over these various providers.

You don't absolutely require a web host, but email must be hosted on a server somewhere. For free email needs for personal use, consider Google's Gmail service.

Basically, a web server is a computer that manages websites. The technique of employing a server to host a website is known as web hosting. One or more websites are contained there as well as hosted there. It enables people to visit websites over the internet.

An internet hosting provider that runs email servers is referred to as an email hosting service. Most email hosting services, like Gmail and Yahoo, offer premium services that are often not included with web clients, setting them apart from web clients.